The Beauty of Life!

The exclusive building complex Kado Karim offers well-considered solutions, so that everyone can indulge in enjoying a beautiful life!

The comforts of modern living are combined with the beauty of seaside nature and exclusive works of art. The uniqueness of the architecture complex will be a constant value, even after ten or more years.

  • Exclusive Building Complex Kado Karim at 4 Ikskiles street, Jurmala

Benefits of a comfortable life

In the Kado Karim building complex everyone can feel comfortable and safe. Modern solutions for enjoying a comfortable life to its fullest.

Exclusive location in Jurmala
24 h concierge services
Perfectly designed spacious apartments with 3 m high ceilings
Individually developed interior design
Each apartment has a terrace, balcony, green area
Cigar room in the lobby area, comfortable lounge and reception rooms
Thoughtfully landscaped yard
Perfect drinking water from an individual borehole
Security solutions for convenience and top level security


Jurmala is the largest resort town on the coast of the Baltic Sea. An oasis of natural healing and health, with its unique offer of high-quality recreation in nature.

Jurmala has well-developed infrastructure, which allows one to use all the comforts of modern life while at the same time preserving the charm of the resort town.

Especially appreciated is the ionised, gentle

sea air of Jurmala, which heals the airways and strengthens the immune system. Natural resources of Jurmala – sludge and mineral waters (sulphur water, bromine and sodium chloride) have been widely used in beauty-care and treatment procedures for more than 180 years.

The wooden one-storey and two-storey summer houses that are typical to Jurmala play a decisive role in the city’s architecture.

This gives Jūrmala its unique charm and allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the seaside nature. In the summer months, Jurmala offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities, which are supplemented by the offer of countless cafes and restaurants. In the autumn and winter months one has the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful life in Jurmala, preserving all the comforts of modern life.



Kado Karim building complex is located in Jūrmala – a resort town on the gulf shore of the Baltic Sea in Latvia. And thus it has been created taking into account the natural identity of Jūrmala and combining it with the worldly vision.

The architecture of Kado Karim buildings repeats the flowing lines of the sea, the smooth shapes of the pebbles polished by water, creating a soothing and harmonious atmosphere of nature.

The location of the Kado Karim building complex allows one to perfectly enjoy the best that Jūrmala has to offer – the entertainment of “Dzintari Concert Hall” and Jomas Street, resting on the beach, as well as the peace of the seaside nature. The location on the quiet side-street provides the required isolation from the hustle of the resort life, while the complex is still located right next to the central entertainment locations of Jūrmala.

  1. KADO KARIM building complex
  2. Riga Centre – 23 km (30 minutes by car)
  3. Riga Airport – 13 km (15 minutes by car)
  4. “Dzintari Concert Hall” – 4 minute walk
  5. Beach – 5 minute walk


Entertainment and recreation places in Jūrmala


Interior and environmental design


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