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The exclusive building complex Kado Karim is a statement of sophisticated and bold taste. It is the opportunity to experience the perfect synergy of unique design and art every day.

The unique story of the project is coded in its title – “Kado Karim” translates as “Karim’s gift”, Cadeau [KA'DO:] means gift in French and the project designer Karim Rashid has given the project his name. Each design by Karim Rashid is unique and unrepeatable, specially created for a specific place having its own unique style.

  • Exclusive Building Complex Kado Karim at 4 Ikskiles street, Jurmala

Sophisticated apartments in an exclusive building complex

It is the opportunity to experience the perfect synergy of unique design and art every day.

Each apartment of the Kado Karim complex has its own individual story. The apartments are spacious, have high ceilings, panoramic windows and are equipped with modern technological solutions. Each apartment has its own terrace, balcony or exit to the green area.

The design has been developed within the collaboration of the world famous industrial design author Karim Rashid , one of the best Latvian architects Andis Sīlis and the popular Latvian interior designer Mareks Birznieks.

Apartment selection

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Benefits of a comfortable life

In the Kado Karim building complex everyone can feel comfortable and safe. Modern solutions for enjoying a comfortable life to its fullest.

Exclusive location in Jurmala
24 h concierge services
Perfectly designed spacious apartments with 3 m high ceilings
Individually developed interior design
Each apartment has a terrace, balcony, green area
Cigar room in the lobby area, comfortable lounge and reception rooms
Thoughtfully landscaped yard
Perfect drinking water from an individual borehole
Security solutions for convenience and top level security


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