The Beauty of Art!

The building complex consists of three separate buildings with a joint closed area, where a unique balance of nature and art has been found.

Environmental objects and sculptures are located in the territory, which organically complement the nature landscape. But the flowing lines of the interior are accentuated by works of art chosen especially for this project. For Kado Karim, every work of art is part of a story told by the architectural complex.

  • Exclusive building complex Kado Karim, Ikskiles street 4, Jurmala

Exclusive building complex Kado Karim


Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the most recognised and influential contemporary designers worldwide. As he is a Professor at the Philadelphia University of the Arts, he has lectured at numerous art and design schools around the world. Rashid is one of the most effective industrial designers, with more than 3000 implemented designs. He is also one of the most titled designers, having received about 300 different awards. In total he has worked on interior projects in 45 countries around the world. The designer’s works are constantly demanded and included in the collections of art fans, as well as exhibited in art galleries around the world. Karim Rashid’s name is a statement to the uniqueness of each of his projects and the key to success for long-term investments.


Andis Silis

Andis Silis is one of the most remarkable Latvian architects, the founder and the head of architecture firm “SZK un Partneri”, graduate of the Riga Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chairman of the Board of the Architecture Promotion Foundation. Andis Sīlis is the author of the new acoustic concert hall project in Riga, which was the winner of the project competition. Among the projects he has implemented are private residential buildings, apartment buildings in Jūrmala and Riga, as well as public buildings such as the new extension of the Latvian Academy of Arts, Jaunciems Yacht Harbour Sports and Recreation Centre, and Grosauto Salon; in recent years several projects have been implemented in Astana.


Mareks Birznieks

Mareks Birznieks is an experienced interior and product designer, has obtained a Master’s Degree at the Latvian Academy of Arts, Environmental Art Department, and also a Master’s Degree in Furniture Design at the Design Apartment of Helsinki University of Design and Art (UIAH). He has received several industry awards and recognition for his design projects. In his work Mareks Birznieks has developed several interior designs for projects of both private houses and apartment buildings.


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